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julaha: vfvhttp://www.himsslearn.org/forum/thread/80787
23 September 18:48:42
theawesome: im alive
23 September 18:47:53
lizabella2: WHY ISNT ANYONE HERE ALIVE?!!! (that i sub or talk to a lot)
23 September 18:45:37
someone drew ,
23 September 18:45:14
theawesome: change our profile picture
23 September 18:45:07
theawesome: how do we
23 September 18:44:54
DieselFox, theawesome all signed up to piq
23 September 18:42:55
BananaExtract: JoJo for example, she doesn't really come on that often anymore
23 September 18:39:00
BananaExtract: accounts r dying but not dead yet
23 September 18:38:35
DanTreeBow: A lot but no
23 September 18:37:27
TheIronworks: Anyone else's account dead?
23 September 18:36:11
23 September 18:35:18
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