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10 February 00:31:12
Rebirth: ah, ok. i remember piqs being saved as JPEG's though... never mind.
10 February 00:29:29
lazaro1309, The Mine Squad all signed up to piq
10 February 00:28:50
Lemmino Pixel: Very simple, click on a picture, press view actual size. there you go.
10 February 00:27:00
Matthias commented on
10 February 00:24:35
Fafares liked
10 February 00:24:28
Matthias liked
10 February 00:24:18
LWH123 drew
10 February 00:23:08
Rebirth: well, you may as well use something that supports PNG. PNG has transparency and no distortion.
10 February 00:21:32
ArtRager: DareWolf could use that instead.
10 February 00:21:19
minegamer117 commented on , , , ,
10 February 00:19:35
ArtRager: Wasn't there a piq a while ago about how someone had found a way better pixel art website?
10 February 00:18:45
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