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Grogramn: yeah.... *coughs* ive been through worse... atleast... now... i can die... HUGGED!
16 September 20:31:43
Grogramn commented on
16 September 20:31:05
Suicu: Are you ok.
16 September 20:30:52
16 September 20:30:47
Grogramn: that... *coughs* the best *coughs blood* hug.. EVAH! *passes out*
16 September 20:30:09
piggebrotto: How do you change your profile picture?
16 September 20:29:58
16 September 20:29:52
SupernaturalSam commented on
16 September 20:29:43
Suicu: *turns into a dinosaur and crushes his face* MAGIC
16 September 20:28:13
16 September 20:28:09
Grogramn: but that hurt even more, so, something along those lines.
16 September 20:28:08
Grogramn: not quite the perfect hug either.
16 September 20:27:35
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