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FurryRaver4life: im gonna have a panic attack fuck me
26 January 16:25:29
Grogramn: oh..
26 January 16:25:24
FurryRaver4life: my final starts
26 January 16:25:20
Grogramn: good luck!
26 January 16:25:17
FurryRaver4life: in 5 minutes
26 January 16:25:13
FurryRaver4life: i have to leave
26 January 16:25:07
Grogramn: "but we are evul socialists, we believe in a social structure, that is evil and fascist and satun"
26 January 16:24:51
Kairi Lon: xDD Furry, I honestly dont want to do anything like that for a long time . 3 .
26 January 16:24:48
FurryRaver4life: algebra is easy. i fucking love it. got a B+ in my math class
26 January 16:24:42
_Neon_32: i like math but is so hard
26 January 16:23:55
FurryRaver4life: I dont wanna fuck you like kairi does but i want to live where school isnt bullshit
26 January 16:23:46
Kairi Lon: my school has these 5 question tests. If you miss one, youll get a C. Miss 2 and you fail.
26 January 16:23:42
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