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dafunkyemo: is it weird that i think this song describes furry?:http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zw7eqOqJF6k
01 October 21:16:22
01 October 21:16:04
Grogramn: BEAT THAT!
01 October 21:15:47
Grogramn: I recently made a flash of an obese naked knight beating the shit out of a dragon...
01 October 21:15:29
FurryRaver4life: post something!im so not in the mood for stupid people
01 October 21:14:50
PRINCESSCRT: wait i can post them on my wall!(profile page!)
01 October 21:14:20
jmt2879 liked
01 October 21:14:13
dafunkyemo commented on , ,
01 October 21:13:56
PRINCESSCRT: sorry i will try to stop!
01 October 21:13:33
gummibearzrule: Its still spamming.
01 October 21:12:55
PRINCESSCRT: wait but it is funny (the things i am posting are funny just click the links!)
01 October 21:12:23
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