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Blobofgoo: I haven't got my permit yet :/
01 August 00:42:44
TotallyTotaled: I can't see him riding a dragon, that would make it really hard for him to parallel park
01 August 00:42:34
NeilIron liked
01 August 00:42:03
Blurar commented on
01 August 00:41:17
01 August 00:41:01
Grogramn: zombie pony?
01 August 00:40:55
Blobofgoo: drat...
01 August 00:40:53
Grogramn: cuz youre going to ride on a horse instead?
01 August 00:40:49
LordVoldemort: actaully here we are allowed to drive at 16 but i dont want to anyway
01 August 00:39:28
McStubbs, BananaTropic all signed up to piq
01 August 00:39:18
Sailorkitteh commented on
01 August 00:39:09
Grogramn: hah, i can drive a car 7 days before you will have your sweet 16 party.
01 August 00:38:49
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