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Joshua: Hint Hint the servers are why we have a subreddit
31 October 12:49:19
Joshua branched from ,
31 October 12:48:16
Joshua drew , ,
31 October 12:48:15
Grogramn: heck, perhaps the bigger Piqqers can have advertise.
31 October 12:47:40
Grogramn: we need more ads.
31 October 12:47:19
Lumpkins: Survive with just mods
31 October 12:41:41
Lumpkins: Hes might be supporting the server with ad money but hes still abandoned it mostly, a site cant surv
31 October 12:41:23
31 October 12:41:04
brettguy10 branched from
31 October 12:41:04
Grogramn: since he updates piq pretty often it shows that he atleast tries.
31 October 12:39:51
31 October 12:39:15
Lumpkins: We cant save it unless we convince the admin to care again
31 October 12:38:52
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