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NaturesDarkSide: so...i have a made up internet personality (MUIP) ?
19 April 04:08:02
iopl3887: I call the heart
19 April 04:07:49
19 April 04:07:48
FurryRaver4life: ah okay ;-;
19 April 04:07:45
RetroGEO: It's not faked
19 April 04:07:37
Vengeful_Potato: I call the spleen.
19 April 04:07:34
RetroGEO: You're attitude is real because it's not like a made up internet personality.
19 April 04:07:17
NaturesDarkSide: and other assorted organs :D
19 April 04:07:14
19 April 04:07:03
NaturesDarkSide: retro...that means we'd have to tear her in half and claim favorites on half of her intestines
19 April 04:06:58
Vengeful_Potato: Furry, you're one of my favorite's too.
19 April 04:06:57
PikachuJT630: i have a bunch of fav artists
19 April 04:06:16
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