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19 December 03:16:36
DEAD-PIXEL: *nums on Furry*
19 December 03:15:54
FurryRaver4life: pixel is godly blacksmith
19 December 03:15:26
19 December 03:12:48
CjTheDragonWolf: this pixel guy is giving me a TyTy vibe.
19 December 03:11:06
tinybat: ;; i havent been here very long, but i wanna know who
19 December 03:10:34
19 December 03:10:33
19 December 03:10:08
CjTheDragonWolf: i forgot his name but he was the first guy to get banned
19 December 03:09:30
CjTheDragonWolf: remember that guy that stoll art as his own a while ago? like a long time ago?
19 December 03:09:13
19 December 03:07:13
DEAD-PIXEL: who is art stealing? .3.
19 December 03:06:40
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