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Spy Crab: tf2 marketing system sucks XD
23 August 20:48:04
gummibearzrule: I knew that from dA Happy Berfday Joshua ^^
23 August 20:48:02
Spy Crab: *explosions*
23 August 20:47:49
Lumpkins: although dota 2 imo took the tf2 marketing system and perfected it
23 August 20:47:49
23 August 20:47:32
icekirby: happy burfday!
23 August 20:47:25
Joshua: twasv my birthday todayz
23 August 20:46:49
Spy Crab: not as good as the first
23 August 20:46:44
Lumpkins: its got a steep learning curve and it makes you want to keep climbing that curve and getting better
23 August 20:46:42
Spy Crab: Oh yeah. Icekirby. I definitely recomend the first Borderlands. The second one was pretty good but
23 August 20:46:34
Drunfunny liked
23 August 20:46:29
Spy Crab: and the game itself
23 August 20:45:53
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