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Tinymin commented on
30 July 18:15:21
Grogramn: idiocy is slowly dying out, bruh.
30 July 18:15:19
Joshua: And mr dick savage has brought me the plague of FUCKING IDIOTS
30 July 18:14:18
Grogramn: you should check out youtubers like: amazing atheist and CultOfDusty
30 July 18:13:52
Grogramn: internet has brought the plague of religion.
30 July 18:13:24
Grogramn: more and more fundamentalists are becoming secular (non-religious).
30 July 18:13:07
30 July 18:11:58
DreadedPixels branched from
30 July 18:11:58
Joshua: *slams head into wall*
30 July 18:09:51
Joshua: Can someone gimme a virtual sledge hammer
30 July 18:07:13
Joshua: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuDTI_GHu_A you cant tell me that this is fake
30 July 18:06:59
Grogramn: it has gotten tons of flak and backfiring.
30 July 18:06:13
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