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KingKarl: and dont forget to pick up some milk from the store on your way back.
01 May 01:26:31
pixelartist98: sure thing boss
01 May 01:21:30
KingKarl: pour salt in their wounds and acid in their blood. make them feel pain as you slowly destroy em
01 May 01:20:12
KingKarl, TERRARIAN ARTIST all commented on
01 May 01:19:04
01 May 01:17:46
01 May 01:16:54
01 May 01:15:09
KingKarl: Consume the flesh of the rotten, wear the skin of the sinful!
01 May 01:14:53
01 May 01:13:08
VZ900 drew
01 May 01:07:19
des liked ,
01 May 01:04:02
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