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Lieutenant Disaster: most of us have problems so its a natural thing.
02 September 05:18:52
_FrenchFry_: You swear a lot for 13 year olds XD
02 September 05:17:38
02 September 05:17:31
02 September 05:15:46
gummibearzrule: im 13 too, and I don't give a fuck about it. I've even drawn porn once for a friend.
02 September 05:14:55
gummibearzrule: If you don't like it, either fuck off or ignore it. Simple.
02 September 05:14:26
Lieutenant Disaster: Look. I'm a thirteen year old girl. I understand hormones. people do what they need. We gotta deal.
02 September 05:14:23
02 September 05:11:40
_FrenchFry_: So you agree with this then?
02 September 05:11:23
dfoul commented on
02 September 05:10:55
Lieutenant Disaster: Well piq is part of the internet so fuck it and suck it. We just have to deal with things.
02 September 05:10:11
_FrenchFry_: I joined piq to do pixel art, not to have to endure a bunch of sick minded people looking at porn!
02 September 05:07:40
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