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29 November 07:00:08
Typhlosion51: Hmm I don't really like Sharpie...
29 November 06:59:34
Kairi Lon commented on ,
29 November 06:59:28
Matthias: Always go with a sharpie ultra fine. Hasn't failed me yet. Though I've always got a variety of sizes
29 November 06:58:06
Typhlosion51: WHY ME??
29 November 06:56:02
Typhlosion51: Smooth Operator gel pen. My friend has the same kind that she uses for school and it hasn't run out
29 November 06:55:32
Matthias: What kind is it? It always depends.
29 November 06:54:44
Matthias: *Throws extra pen*
29 November 06:54:15
Typhlosion51: OKAY I THINK I'VE FOUND ONE. But seriously, I use this pen for only 3 days and it dies?
29 November 06:53:32
Matthias: *Throws extra pen*
29 November 06:52:53
29 November 06:52:39
Matthias: If so then umm change the tip maybe??
29 November 06:52:22
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