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carlucci987: [upload#12345]
02 April 01:09:55
02 April 01:09:34
Neon32: #imman00b
02 April 01:09:20
Pikalink5: Neon y u fail so much
02 April 01:08:49
02 April 01:08:23
carlucci987: sehctib sloof lirpa
02 April 01:08:10
Pikalink5: today is most definitly not april first
02 April 01:08:06
Pikalink5: worlderful
02 April 01:07:49
Exolaser drew
02 April 01:07:44
carlucci987: to make of it to youtube as my suicide wish.
02 April 01:07:39
carlucci987: i will be commiting suicide in 10 minutes, i will ask my sister to post the recording that i am goin
02 April 01:07:20
VegaVoverth: Why am I making another account?
02 April 01:07:19
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