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Sammichnatural: just waiting...
27 May 23:01:25
Sammichnatural: Becuase, you know, I've always been this dot of nothing.
27 May 23:00:45
Sammichnatural: even for something tiny..
27 May 22:59:38
Sammichnatural: Taht thought that...I did something good, I'm going to be remembered..
27 May 22:59:22
Sammichnatural: Actually knowing that..maybe..just maybe I'm worth something.
27 May 22:57:56
Sammichnatural: POTD would be amazing though.
27 May 22:57:29
comic2468 drew ,
27 May 22:57:21
VanillaFusion: ALRIGHT! Time to connect drawing tablet.
27 May 22:55:33
Sammichnatural: Thats my problem, I always do that
27 May 22:54:57
27 May 22:54:53
fury-and-patience branched from
27 May 22:54:53
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