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_Neon_32: i like math but is so hard
26 January 16:23:55
FurryRaver4life: I dont wanna fuck you like kairi does but i want to live where school isnt bullshit
26 January 16:23:46
Kairi Lon: my school has these 5 question tests. If you miss one, youll get a C. Miss 2 and you fail.
26 January 16:23:42
Grogramn: dont want to understand how a sandwich is made? congrats, to the execution chambers!
26 January 16:23:38
FurryRaver4life: take me tooo
26 January 16:23:22
Gamergrl: i hate math
26 January 16:23:21
Grogramn: dont understand big bang? congrats, you fail.
26 January 16:23:12
Kairi Lon: . 3 . Karl, take me to sweden alreadyyyy
26 January 16:23:06
Grogramn: the metric system will be enforced, so will IQ. if you dont understand evolution, congrats, you fail
26 January 16:23:03
FurryRaver4life: I once had a math test. I missed ONE question, and it bumped my grade down to a B
26 January 16:22:48
z11z11 branched from , ,
26 January 16:22:35
z11z11 drew , , ,
26 January 16:22:34
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