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02 September 07:40:21
lilacho: Time to upgrade my Minecraft to premiumhttp://freeminecraftgiftcode.net :D
02 September 07:38:49
Reuniclus Com, lilacho all signed up to piq
02 September 07:37:41
Typhlosion51 commented on
02 September 07:34:04
02 September 07:32:52
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02 September 07:31:24
02 September 07:11:48
AJC drew
02 September 07:11:22
02 September 07:01:33
FurryRaver4life: it. This is your audience. This is videogames." -Phil Fish Creator of FEZ
02 September 07:00:18
FurryRaver4life: . Nothing is worth this. To every aspiring game developer out there: Don't. give up. It's not worth
02 September 06:59:49
FurryRaver4life: "I am done. I want out. RUN AWAY. Just don't do it. Give up your dreams. They are actually nightmare
02 September 06:59:33
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