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Time mix-up

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15 December 2011 23:05
It appears as though my time relative to piq is wrong. I keep posting comments and piqs and having things posted before them appear after of vice versa. Any thoughts?

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18 July 2012 15:14
Yes, this seem to happen to a lot of users. It's a bad bug because it appears to also affect notifications (e.g you don't get to know when someone comments on your piq).
edited by pixelwiz at 18 July 2012 09:15
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28 May 21:20:32
ichimatsu-trash, GRIN Gaming, tekit0 all signed up to piq
28 May 21:11:34
someone drew
28 May 20:25:40
Shawsnow: Apotato,have the same problem
28 May 20:20:10
Shawsnow: is it just me or is something wrong with piq :/
28 May 20:19:50
ProbablyAPotato: um I'm still getting the error whenever I click on a piq. this has gone on for 3 days...
28 May 20:19:02
someone drew ,
28 May 18:44:08
astroboy, tifica all signed up to piq
28 May 18:01:19
cabe drew
28 May 16:59:40
someone drew ,
28 May 16:34:46
kangenlagi, gikila all signed up to piq
28 May 16:17:02
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