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Changing my avatar...

posts: 10
19 July 2011 18:37
Well, I may be a bit stupid, but I cannot find a way to change my Piq avatar...Can anybody tell me, please, how to do it?

Thanks a lot!

posts: 140
20 July 2011 13:46
all you need to do to get a profile picture is to click on a piq that you have drawn and then click onto the "options" icon. There you can select this piq as your profile piq!

posts: 10
20 July 2011 18:41
It worked! Thanks a lot, Daniel.

posts: 140
20 July 2011 20:58
oh! and I see my assistance was worth it! Such a cute thing! :)

posts: 13
27 October 2011 06:01
lol i sense a connection :P
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