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deleting piq's

05 August 2012 16:32
how do i delete piqs? my sister drew somthing terrible on my account and i want to delete it! along with another one i edited.

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05 August 2012 16:54
open the piq, click the options button, then click change details. now scroll to the bottom of the screen, click the delete this piq button. a pop-up will appear asking whether or not you REALLY want to delete it. say yes.
edited by flippy13 at 21 October 2012 08:10
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23 March 18:32:39
1234567890 master signed up to piq
23 March 17:57:17
Lemmino Pixel: Really wish you could like again
23 March 17:56:56
Lemmino Pixel: Digital wasteland
23 March 17:23:11
Suicu: woosh
23 March 17:17:03
Pikalink5: sorry about the server errors guys. We can only hope they work themselves out for now
23 March 17:14:27
23 March 17:14:04
Lemmino Pixel: Eyy it's pikalink5
23 March 17:13:11
23 March 17:12:18
Lemmino Pixel: Fuck you daniel and tom
23 March 17:09:46
someone drew
23 March 16:55:05
Lemmino Pixel: You get the ID by clicking on picture's page on the ID is in the URL regardless of errors
23 March 16:52:47
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