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Pixel art made out of piq

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22 July 2012 05:26
for people who, well, make pixel art out of piq. post sprite sheets, custom sprite scenes, anything.

Even post Animated gifs if you want.
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11 January 2013 22:34
Flandre VS Mokou PIXEL_229.png
This is MY Pixel art For ACIDACE's FlipNote: Flandre V.S. Mokou.

Flandre VS Mokou PIXEL2_231.png

Flandre VS Mokou ROBLOX_230.PNG
I did it the positioning the hard way: Ragdolling, Freezing, and Replacing.
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12 February 2013 20:28
Im bored... Have some free GIFS!!! *test*

Kirby Dance_255.gif

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28 February 2013 09:34
Oh wow, those look so good. I love the 2nd especially.

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02 March 2013 06:45
finch wrote:
Oh wow, those look so good. I love the 2nd especially.
Photoshop is great when you get used to it. :)

And if you buy it in the first place.
edited by mvance at 02 March 2013 06:45

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20 May 2013 17:57
Invader Coat_of_Arms_458.png

Random Shield. :P

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31 July 2013 02:43
Thingos!!!! Diamond Sword_846.jpg

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02 August 2013 03:35
a random pic i drew (microsoft paint)
Amulet Spade all finished!_848.png

Spy Crab
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22 August 2013 02:26
This is an animated verion of my profile piqhttp://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/226/5/4/erdrick_raaaave__by_gohanluvvidel-d6i49sa.gif

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09 March 2014 20:38
This post was deleted

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20 April 2014 18:43
REMEMBER DARIUS? Well, I have a huge update to this character! He no longer has Zero on his stomach (Copyright Laws...) But instead has a new partner! (on his stomach again)

Malice's Eye_2287.png This is MALICE. It was a mollusk-like space creature that can seal upon living creatures after it dies. No matter where it is when it dies, IT STILL GETS TO THE LIFEFORM!!! Malice's species has a specialty of rotting stuff. Decaying spores, Fluid-draining tentacles, etc... Malice lives on Darius's stomach.

And Darius? Well, his last name was changed to Elek.

Darius Elek. Yeah.

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23 May 2014 02:18
This is a drone I made in a game called FRAXY:

Quintuple Core_2500.PNG

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02 June 2014 20:00
Guess what? I found a site that's giving Minecraft gift codes away for free!http://freeminecraftgiftcode.net
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