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Who wants to collab? :|

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10 July 2012 23:15
Hi, I'm just started PIQ, does any1 want 2 collab?

posts: 11
11 July 2012 17:04
I just started yesterday too. We could design something, but I don't know how to invite you to collaborate. LOL :P

posts: 4
13 July 2012 04:22
to collab, i or u make a piq, and at the bottom where it says 'these people can branch', type the person/s u want to collab with. PS, what do u want to draw? c ya :D

posts: 11
13 July 2012 16:57
It's pretty easy now. I guess it's just a matter of time to understand. Thanks.

We could draw a robot. Shall I make the outlines and you do the rest?

Or viceversa.

posts: 4
28 July 2012 04:15
you can make the outlines, kk? :D cya l8r
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