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piq on the app store

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20 June 2012 20:35
hi piq
i think that piq should be on the app store so people can draw out and about i think this would make pq and even better site!
it would like like the normal site but easyer to get around because its on a smaller screen
you can log in with you piq account from a computer
it would be great!!!
i realy hope that you consider this a good idea i hope ou like it too!
edited by 11pikachu11 at 27 June 2012 07:55

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20 June 2012 21:01
Yes I agree and add a seperate app where you can take pics and pixelate them then draw those pics with piq and you have a great site with life-like photos!

Epicly signed off,
Peace out homies✌

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27 June 2012 02:14
Yes, I agree with you. Piq would make a great app!

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27 June 2012 02:29
yeah i think its a great idea...
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