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25 May 2012 23:12
I'm currently creating an iPhone/droid/html5 game and I am looking for someone to help create the artwork for it. It is going to be a game kind of like 1942 except a little different with stat points, upgrades, and things of that nature. Anyways if you look at my artwork you can see I am not nearly as good as most of you talented artists here on this site and would like some help creating the sprites. If you help me with this I would be sure to include your name in the game credits for artwork so that you get your credit where it belongs. Anyways message me or post if you are interested and I will let you in on the minute details.


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26 May 2012 23:19
Bump anyone interested?

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27 May 2012 13:36
I am! :D

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28 May 2012 01:13
Kornels wrote:
I am! :D
Sweet man! Alright have you looked at any of my artwork? If not take a look and it was I have been making... Can you make an airplane so I can see one of yours? How do I P.M. you on this website?
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