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12 May 2012 00:32
SSTMPB: (insert link here)

Continued. Post moar IDEAS!! (Or I kill >:U) jk...

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22 May 2012 05:54
This post was deleted

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25 May 2012 18:48
Moving to new forum:

# of piqs - 100, 200, 300 and more
# of collaborations - 20 and more
# of collaborations branched - (you collaboration as branched 10 times, 20, 30...)
# of subscribers - 10, 15, 20
# of piqs in one single day - 10, 15, 20 (or more)

And new ideas:

Birth active piqer: you drew at least 10 piq each month in the last 3 months, 4 months, 5 months ...

All piq of the day could have a track, as shown below:


All piq contest winners could have a track too, as shown below:


And exclude the "flash piqer". It´s impossible!!!

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01 August 2012 12:11
We defenatly need more acheivments, some easier to get and some harder. or maybe some that are out of the way to get.

Things like:

Subscribe to someone
Get 1 subscriber (get 3, get 5 ECT.)
use 500 different colours
draw a 16x16 piq
draw a 200x200 piq
edit your profile
make a forum thread
have a piq with 6 likes, 6 comments, and 66 views at the same time
have the added total of views and comments, times by likes on a piq, be devisible by 9 (yeah, IDK)
get 10 shouts in your shout box
branch from someone elses piq
be the top #50th or higher piq'r (20th, 10th 5th 1st)

Also PLEASE make it so that your achievements contribute points to your rank, just like the trophies do.

AND because I can...
Photo on 12-08-01 at 5.38 AM_131.jpg

posts: 304
01 August 2012 14:08
Great ideas everyoneeeeee >u<

And did u draw that dl?

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01 August 2012 14:43
Yeus I did :3

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31 October 2012 07:44
Believe it or not! I'm working on implementing new Achievements for the all new piq right now!

posts: 72
01 November 2012 22:46
YAY! :D :D

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02 November 2012 03:46
This post was deleted

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30 December 2012 04:42
There should be a link on piq that allows piqers to see all the piqs that are open to collaboration for everyone. Just a thought...
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