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Club Penguin...

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03 May 2012 01:39
So I really hate CP now but I go on there to stalk people and scare them :D
1) wolfgirl456 .......... sugarpup25 (free chat) + igotnomember (free chat)
2) TyTy21 .......... Icicelet (free chat, membership)
3) [insert name here]
4) [insert name here]
5) [insert name here]
edited by wolfgirl456 at 05 May 2012 23:28

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05 May 2012 17:27
I haven't been banned either. I've gotten like 4 6-month membership cards but now I just think CP is stupid for how much they enforce getting membership. Seriously, having to pay money to play to the end of a game? They've gone too far.
One thing i'd like to mention that i'm amazed by is that I think the CP creators used my idea for the game Nuts n' Bolts, whatever it's called, in the room above the Night Club. Before they released the game, I posted a comment saying there should be a game where the orange puffle could help you with building a machine or working on the parts. The game involves something like that. LOL no one believed me when I said I thought they used my idea >n<

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02 June 2012 22:49
Isn't it that you can't have add over 100 friends, but people can still add you as a friend if you have over 100?
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