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28 April 2012 04:16
Me and my friend: MW3 MINECRAFT MODS have started a minecraft mod,(hence the name) we decided to use piq to do this, I guess im a bit late as we have already finished some textures but we aren't anywhere near done. this thread will be used to show updates on the mod.

Here is a description of the mod in case you're wondering:

This mod has MW3 weapons but also adds other kinds of new content. This new content includes penguins types such as normal penguin,zombie penguin, general penguin, soldier penguin , detector penguin, king penguin and terminator penguin. You can also capture them and tame them. Also, in future updates vehicles will be added such as tanks and chinooks. Here are some brief descriptions of each penguin type:

normal penguin: they live like villagers and can be turned in to detector penguins, general penguins, soldier penguins and infected into zombie penguins

zombie penguin: can take over villages like zombies and do pretty much the same thing as zombies but they are stronger and faster

general penguin: a commander of soldier penguins, takes the lead with heavy machine guns to raid towns and villages, use a helmet on a soldier penguin to make it a general penguin

soldier penguin: grunts that, in high numbers and led by general penguins can take over entire villages, they can be made into general penguins by putting a helmet (diamond helmet with redstone on top) on them

detector penguin: using 9 blocks (or 2 in the case of diamond) of ore in a crafting table will create a dtector chip, putting one of these in a normal penguin will make it stand directly above the ore, if there is lava beneath it, its eyes will be red, if water then blue if nothing than green

king penguin: once a village is taken over by penguins, it will act as leader, making a big building out of penguin block and raising a penguin flag on a building

terminator penguins: these guys are SCARY they will act as normal penguins in a village but take over then act as normal penguins once again, if attacked,captured or attempted to transform, it will turn into a devastating beast penguin that is nearly invincible, terminator penguins are rare though.

so there you go, if you would like to contribute then just ask and you will be credited ant the website once we've completed the mod

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28 April 2012 04:26
penguin block
penguin block

the penguin block that the "penguin castle" will be made out of, need diamond pickaxe to get
if you'd like, try making it better

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28 April 2012 13:15
decided to make a texture pack to go with this mod starting on that.
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