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Piq Suggestion :D

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05 April 2012 16:33
Hi Tom/Daniel and Other ^^
I have a Suggestion for Piq! :D
1.Folder for Piq: for example You made many Faces and then you make an Folder: "Faces" where you can click at and look at the Piqs in Folder
Do you know wwhat i mean? :D
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31 July 04:23:09
MyAnimatedSoul: Soo Wolf..what drugs are you on?
31 July 04:20:20
wolfgirl456: i think i drank something out of the back of the fridge today like the expired stuff ayyy lmao
31 July 04:18:51
wolfgirl456: hhah yeeee
31 July 04:18:22
wolfgirl456: its all about the booty
31 July 04:18:16
wolfgirl456: fire is overrated
31 July 04:18:05
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31 July 04:17:10
wolfgirl456 liked ,
31 July 04:17:02
MyAnimatedSoul: Pssh fire is nothing to rooms
31 July 04:11:40
Blobofgoo: So instead of putting it out you post about it? classic
31 July 04:10:13
31 July 04:05:50
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