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Animation, Color Selectors, and other ideas

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12 March 2012 12:48
1) I love where you're going with beta, but I can't use it because I get so frustrated with the colors. It would be awesome if there's a color selector so we can pick the exact shade we're looking for.

2) How hard would it be to implement a very basic animation to make simple gifs? I think that would be really fun.

3) I'd love to be able to change the shape of the canvas. Not talking like anything large, but it would be nice if we could have some rectangles for landscapes and long designs.

4) You know how if your drawing hits the edge and you move it? I LOVE that, but maybe there could be a toggle switch to turn that effect on or off

5) Is there a way to subscribe to people without the inbox filling up with posts about people drawing? I'd love to have a separate notification--one for comments, replies, new subscriptions, and likes, and another for information on people you've subscribed to. I've been away for a few months so my inbox has 300+ messages with 98% being "so and so drew a new pic" and I wish I could just look and see who's been specifically trying to communicate with me, or things related to my pics.
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