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Select, copy paste

posts: 1
11 March 2012 02:01
Personally i like doing pixel art of cubes and i would find it very useful to be able to select, copy, paste, move, rotate selections etc.

posts: 11
07 May 2013 20:24
i agree, it would be so useful.

Le Arfenschmiezer
posts: 706
07 May 2013 21:03
You can.

posts: 485
08 May 2013 02:36
I don't know how... HOW???
Licking kitteh!_441.gif licking wolf_442.gif YOU HAVE TO TELL US!

Le Arfenschmiezer
posts: 706
08 May 2013 03:22
http://piq.codeus.net/forum/thread/299 I made a damn forum for it.
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