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general pixel art

Use this board for anything generally related to pixel art. Post links to cool tutorials, videos, examples, general tips or anything you like. If your post is about the piq app you might be better off using the "using piq" board below ;)

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"The very first balcony cutscene in Zemouregal's Wilderness base in Defender of Varrock has become..." 30 July 2015 03:46
by zws19x in Register an authenticator on Runescape Gold

using piq

this is the board for any piq specific posts, be it about the drawing app, the site, the community, the contests or any other aspect.

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"Fifa 15 ultimate team coins are available from us at coininfifa.co as soon as Fut 15 is released...." 29 July 2015 08:28
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use this board to arrange and plan pixel art collaborations with other users, and show off the results!

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suggestions and issues

have a cool idea for how we could improve the site? suggestions for new features in the app? Or have you found a bug (!) - well this is the board for you.

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"[quote] [b]chanm123456 wrote:[/b] HELP PLEASE THE WHOLE FORUM IS SPAM, SPAM, SPAM!!!!! PLEASE BLO..." 28 July 2015 11:04

off topic

use this for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else!

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In: Register an authenticator on Runescape Gold At: 30 July 2015 03:46

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chanm123456 wrote:
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