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weekly contest

2017 - week 17

New Emojis

Emojis the world hasn't seen before!



  1. 1
    rating: 1779
  2. 2
    Humble Sadness
    rating: 1745
  3. 3
    rating: 1741
  4. 4
    Yolo for the contest
    rating: 1723
  5. 5
    rating: 1720
  6. 6
    rating: 1712
  7. 7
    the true emoji
    rating: 1700
  8. 8
    Hot love (lust kinda) Emoji
    rating: 1695
  9. 9
    Nothing is real
    rating: 1681
  10. 10
    2D Gorillaz
    rating: 1660
  11. 11
    an emoji
    rating: 1660
  12. 12
    F a c e
    rating: 1660
  13. 13
    rating: 1643
  14. 14
    rating: 1641
  15. 15
    Oh Really?
    rating: 1640
  16. 16
    rating: 1640
  17. 17
    Fox Emoji
    rating: 1640
  18. 18
    puppet ...come in tha box
    rating: 1640
  19. 19
    Starchild Emoji
    rating: 1640
  20. 20
    Gender Identity
    rating: 1640
  21. 21
    Flower Girl
    rating: 1620
  22. 22
    Pixel Ninja!
    rating: 1620
  23. 23
    Brain Zap
    rating: 1600
  24. 24
    cool emoji
    rating: 1600
  25. 25
    rating: 1600
  26. 26
    The "OOOOH NO..." Emoji
    rating: 1600
  27. 27
    emo emoji
    rating: 1599
  28. 28
    rating: 1580
  29. 29
    LOL Emoji!
    rating: 1560
  30. 30
    rating: 1560
  31. 31
    Monocle Man
    rating: 1560
  32. 32
    rating: 1560
  33. 33
    Evil goals
    rating: 1560
  34. 34
    Just discovered Instrumental Core
    rating: 1560
  35. 35
    rating: 1559
  36. 36
    rating: 1540
  37. 37
    Swag, Love, Heart, and Sad :D
    rating: 1540
  38. 38
    polandball can into space! emoji
    rating: 1540
  39. 39
    crappiest EMOjI OF 2017
    rating: 1540
  40. 40
    rating: 1520
  41. 41
    rating: 1520
  42. 42
    Nasty Tongue Face Thing
    rating: 1520
  43. 43
    rating: 1519
  44. 44
    rating: 1502
  45. 45
    the shades of grey? :3
    rating: 1495
  46. 46
    the memage...
    rating: 1481
  47. 47
    rating: 1480
  48. 48
    rating: 1479
  49. 49
    Gay Fingers
    rating: 1386


by Give me us a good contest, 22 April 2017 02:42
as you can see I am an emoji
by DOPEMAN, 22 April 2017 14:17
what even .-.
by creeperslayer098, 22 April 2017 20:53
theyjust get worse and worse
by DOPEMAN, 22 April 2017 21:15
by KK86, 22 April 2017 21:48
I have no ideas whatsoever.
by lunageek520, 22 April 2017 21:53
Emoji movie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by AoiUchida, 23 April 2017 00:01
by Kidkinobi, 23 April 2017 00:44
by Kidkinobi, 23 April 2017 01:57
omg no aoi
by creeperslayer098, 23 April 2017 16:07
by Fresh, 23 April 2017 16:17
what the hell I'm gonna get angy if there is one more shit contest
by jamkitty4, 23 April 2017 18:31
me to jamkitty
by lunageek520, 23 April 2017 18:36
is it too? i don't know. i'm confused now.
by lunageek520, 23 April 2017 18:37
it's too
by jamkitty4, 23 April 2017 18:41
finally, i kniow the difference., why will my keyboard not cooperate with me?
by lunageek520, 23 April 2017 18:43
by jamkitty4, 23 April 2017 18:49
welll.....at least I have some talent for those ....sike
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 15:54
The hardest part was the circle
by The Circle Fanatic, 24 April 2017 15:56
haha I agree
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 16:01
I believe the title was 'New Emoji' XD Not 'Emoji that's already been made but imma put it in here anyways'.
by BDLMFTH, 24 April 2017 16:05
well I've never seen an emoji of a guy about shooting himself
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 17:01
I have. That was a weird dream...
by lunageek520, 24 April 2017 17:03
I bet
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 17:06
There was also one dream with a frog dressed as Indiana Jones, and a mine owned by Winny The Pooh.
by lunageek520, 24 April 2017 17:14
you need to consult to a psychatric hospital to get a check up
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 17:15
just kiddin
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 17:15
I mean like the laughing, crying, heart emoji, that are already a thing. xXDD
by BDLMFTH, 24 April 2017 18:39
i know
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 19:07
There is my melting face
by TheIronworks, 24 April 2017 20:06
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 20:09
I honestly think I did well on my emoji, but I believe someone else came up with the same idea.
by BlockedDiamond, 24 April 2017 20:20
i like it
by Chaoswander, 24 April 2017 20:23
1h 16min 49sec
by DOPEMAN, 28 April 2017 22:43
*adds trophy to collection *sarcastic yay*
by TheIronworks, 01 May 2017 02:08
Yeas YES that is the best emoji the first one
by jamkitty4, 01 May 2017 03:23
Champion!!! Thanks people, for showing your support for my constipation awareness campaign. Constipation is a disease afflicting billions of people all over the world. It can affect anyone of any age, sex, color, etc. In fact, there are constipation survivors among the people you know, but you never know who they are because they are too embarrassed of their disease. So show your support for them by setting this as your profile picture!
by jacklrj, 01 May 2017 09:17
yay! top 5 again (when I say again I don't mean to sound like a cocky show off, 2 weeks ago I did pretty bad.
by DOPEMAN, 01 May 2017 10:23
Meh. did better with my highest one then i expected.
by lunageek520, 01 May 2017 13:09
same, I thought my hmmm one would come in at about 19 to 22
by DOPEMAN, 01 May 2017 17:47
nbr 10
good....vry good
by Chaoswander, 01 May 2017 20:02
39 out of 49. Still NO surprise -.-
by KK86, 01 May 2017 20:25
you know you got fuccd when yolo is #4
by Fresh, 01 May 2017 20:28
wow jacklrj you take constipation really seriously maybe you should take it down a notch
by jamkitty4, 01 May 2017 23:15
diarrhea's better
by Fresh, 02 May 2017 00:58
by jamkitty4, 02 May 2017 02:53
How can anyone not take constipation seriously? Like over 90% of people with this disease has died and it's still not serious enough for you?
by jacklrj, 02 May 2017 04:31
dude first off everyone dies, second off you kind of went nuts all like omg thank for this constipation awareness thingy when the fact is most of us probably chose that over the other one because it was funny
by jamkitty4, 02 May 2017 15:07
So you're saying I have won because people thought that human suffering is funny? I am now so depressed, my serotonin production has lowered, and this is positively related to the presence of constipation. Bam! I just sneak educated you. You're welcome.
by jacklrj, 02 May 2017 16:11
by lunageek520, 02 May 2017 16:15
It's called sneak education. It's when you gain knowledge without your prior consent. It's when you learn new things when you least expects to. It's when you get answers to questions you have not asked.
by jacklrj, 02 May 2017 17:18
by lunageek520, 02 May 2017 17:19
It was so explicit that I'm not sure that's really a "sneak" education ha ha
by Aoi means blue in japanese, 02 May 2017 17:30
That's because I am still a novice in the art of pedagogical sneakiness. I was expecting my shifu to teach me more, but it just doesn't work that way.
by jacklrj, 02 May 2017 18:12
Not saying that any of yours are bad by any means, but the results (like always) are super strange. Sorry, but jack's didn't deserve to win compared to entries like #7. I personally don't think mine deserved #6 compared to some below me. Not to mention, #41 is really good. Whatever. I just enjoy entering the contests because it gives a prompt for what to draw.
by EpicGamer_, 02 May 2017 19:51
Was #3 good (Iz prob not)
by TheIronworks, 02 May 2017 20:48
you know it's not like constipation isn't treatable, and why make an emoji about constipation in the first place that's not going to raise awareness of the peoples suffering from constipation, it's just going to make people laugh or joke about constipation even more
by jamkitty4, 02 May 2017 23:44
It's fine to shit on my crappy art on the lack of ability to poo poo. I also recognize that there's some humor in the misfortune of others; there's a German word for it. But I think we all agree on the mental benefits of a good shitting? A wild knowledge appeared: Being old, pregnant or a woman may be associated with higher occurrences of constipation, so avoid those at all costs.
by jacklrj, 03 May 2017 06:43
Speaking of old people, maybe you don't give two shits about them, but I think it would be nice of you to ask your parents or grandparents about their bowel movements, I think they will appreciate it. You may think it's weird, where I come from, bowel movements is a big deal. We greet each other with "Have you shat well?". This is just a loose translation. In my native language, we literally mean this: "Is your bowel movement regular, and your stool snake-like, smooth and soft?"
by jacklrj, 03 May 2017 06:46
Hey TheIronworks, your art is good and your concept is creative for the theme. If your piq is any funnier, you would have won, because I was voted champion as a joke.
by jacklrj, 03 May 2017 06:47
Honestly I don't think some of the positions really deserve to be in certain spots. Some piqs had a lot more effort and detailing put in rather than a very simplistic, or even sloppy appearance

Also you can die of constipation??? Its a disease???
by DanTreeBow, 03 May 2017 07:21
I feel dumb for existing talking about myself when in reality I hardly ever talk about myself because I hate everything about me so please don't assume I'm an attention whore wow haha can we stop being so negative now please
by I'm sorry mine doesn't deserve t, 03 May 2017 10:03
Okay I have come down to some may be s=good and some aren't but I think about 76% of us gave a good effort. The other 24% didn't even try. We can agree... Can we?
by Trying to prove the point, 03 May 2017 14:23
I think a good art is one that evokes emotion in the viewer, so a simple piq can be good art as well.
Yes, constipation is more of a symptom than a disease. Maybe you don't die from it, but not being able to defecate properly is some depressing shit. Constipation blues is what it's called. I just learnt that there's a song called exactly that. I seriously thought I have made up that term.
by jacklrj, 03 May 2017 15:54
waffle, congrats on your #2 spot. You really don't need to be that hard on yourself. Your piq is really good. At first, I thought it's quite a generic crying emoji. I realize now that it depicts a quiet, low-key sadness, like when one is trying not to cry, but tears still rolled down uncontrollably. It evokes sympathy better than other crying emojis I have seen.
by jacklrj, 03 May 2017 16:12
Ah, thanks. I really liked yours as well. It really should have been higher on the list. It had such nice colors and it seemed serine to me. I dunno, I guess I'm weird. ^^..
by #did not expect a reply haha hel, 04 May 2017 19:54
waffle, are you replying to me? I couldn't possibly get any higher on the list, unless you are referring to my other 2 piqs in the competition.
by jacklrj, 04 May 2017 20:01
OH ah whoops I was reffering to the other one! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahahah But yeah
I'm bad at paying attention
by IHazAWaffle, 05 May 2017 18:01
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