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2017 - week 15

Unusual Houses

Would you live there?!



  1. 1
    I don't like penguins
    rating: 1820
  2. 2
    Home sweet home
    rating: 1803
  3. 3
    House on a string
    rating: 1714
  4. 4
    planet express
    rating: 1697
  5. 5
    I just had to
    rating: 1697
  6. 6
    rating: 1658
  7. 7
    Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's tree-house.
    rating: 1656
  8. 8
    Tallest Building in the world
    rating: 1646
  9. 9
    rating: 1628
  10. 10
    Plastic Beach
    rating: 1589
  11. 11
    UP House :3
    rating: 1580
  12. 12
    rating: 1574
  13. 13
    ocean house
    rating: 1573
  14. 14
    Haunted House
    rating: 1559
  15. 15
    witch craft
    rating: 1537
  16. 16
    House on top of a Las Vegas Tower
    rating: 1526
  17. 17
    rating: 1521
  18. 18
    Ied live there
    rating: 1482
  19. 19
    My Unusual House
    rating: 1469
  20. 20
    I don't even XD
    rating: 1451
  21. 21
    rating: 1420


me new
by DOPEMAN, 08 April 2017 15:55
*How you know they are running out of contest Ideas*
by What even..., 08 April 2017 16:08
by DOPEMAN, 08 April 2017 16:08
wow, can't they just recycle old contest Ideas I've seen them do it before
by jamkitty4, 08 April 2017 16:31
yeah I want the memes one again
by DOPEMAN, 08 April 2017 16:36
no I mean like actually good contest Ideas, not silly ones
by jamkitty4, 08 April 2017 16:46
by DOPEMAN, 08 April 2017 16:48
I take memes very seriously
by UN1Q3, 08 April 2017 22:00
heeeeeeeeeey im new here
may i have some info? i dunno what im supposed to do here....plz send help
by CR1T1KAL_ly, 09 April 2017 03:46
You don't know what you're supposed to do in the contest?
by ArtRager, 09 April 2017 13:23
by CR1T1KAL_ly, 09 April 2017 15:35
i know im an idiot
by CR1T1KAL_ly, 09 April 2017 15:35
For this specific contest, you draw a piq with the theme "unusual houses"
To enter a piq into a contest, click the button "enter the contest" to directly start drawing a new piq for the contest, or click on the gear on one of your already existing piqs and select the option to enter it into the contest, I honestly hope this helped.
by ArtRager, 09 April 2017 16:50
thanks a ton...a skele-ton
by CR1T1KAL_ly, 09 April 2017 16:54
you reminded me of Sans right there, CR1T1KAL_ly
by lunageek520, 09 April 2017 19:14
got the basic idea for my piq done. gonna work on detailing it when i have more time.
by lunageek520, 09 April 2017 19:50
by CR1T1KAL_ly, 10 April 2017 01:16
Why is there a dicription??? its never had a discription before....
by DareWolf, 10 April 2017 13:50
If you look at some of the old contests, there are descriptions. I think sometimes they come up wit hone, and other times they can't think of one, or one is not necessary.
by lunageek520, 10 April 2017 14:32
by DareWolf, 10 April 2017 14:45
started detailing my house. got the basic door and window details complete.
by lunageek520, 10 April 2017 20:08
someone draw a pineapple under the sea
by Fresh, 10 April 2017 20:33
we could do music group next
by Chaoswander, 10 April 2017 20:43
could we *
by Chaoswander, 10 April 2017 20:44
lmao of course ur saying that with a gorillaz profile pic
by Fresh, 10 April 2017 20:54
no what are ya talking about
(okay maybe)
by Chaoswander, 10 April 2017 21:07
What if.. here me out we did a contest on memes!?!
by superzombieman6301, 11 April 2017 14:52
there was already a meme contest a few weeks ago
by DareWolf, 11 April 2017 14:57
7 weeks ago to be exsact
by DareWolf, 11 April 2017 14:59
by superzombieman6301, 11 April 2017 15:07
What about demons
by superzombieman6301, 11 April 2017 15:08
YES! i like this idea :D
by DareWolf, 11 April 2017 15:36
yesterday before school let out:
freand *puts on jacket* why did i put on my jacket? im not leaveing..
me: *demonic voice* you will never leave
Art teacher: who sead that?
me: sead what?
Art teacher: talked like a demon.
me: me :3
Art teacher: says the girl with frizzy bloond hair that looks adorable untill she talks like satian

i dont know why but this feels like the gratest complemet i have ever reacived...
by DareWolf, 11 April 2017 15:38
got about 20 minutes of free time in my 4th period, i can finally work on my project again.
by lunageek520, 11 April 2017 19:51
HAHA im doing demon voice to XD
by Chaoswander, 11 April 2017 22:26
I can't do a demon voice. I can do a batman voice though. And snape. And dobby. And a perfect immitation of gollum.
by lunageek520, 12 April 2017 00:19
i need a loy of saliva in the back of my throut for it to work and sound freaken awsome so most times i cant do it :p
by DareWolf, 12 April 2017 03:44
Who said that you need to sound like you have throat cancer to make a demon voice < _ <
by AoiUchida, 12 April 2017 18:02
How bout a contest called 'lazy admins who are too stubborn to do anything for this site'
by Lieutenant Disaster, 13 April 2017 02:07
or: admins want to satisfie our thurst for contests but have run out of ideas and are now just giveing us brain farts.
by DareWolf, 13 April 2017 03:02
salty as fuck tho @Lieutenant Disaster
by aimlessCardholder, 13 April 2017 03:03
The salt
by UN1Q3, 13 April 2017 03:04
by ahayden, 13 April 2017 14:18
who choses the theme anyways? cuz I have some ideas for future contest themes....
by ahayden, 13 April 2017 14:19
I'm pretty sure one of the admins has to make the theme
So one admin has to tend to piq a little bit weekly just with choosing a theme
by ArtRager, 13 April 2017 15:02
We've added 'lazy admins who are too stubborn to do anything for this site' to the list of future contests!

Any other ideas?

Jokes aside, we are actually doing things for the site - believe it or not! Our efforts are not just very visible yet. But there's good stuff coming.
by Alex, 13 April 2017 16:24
Why the fuck is asrial in a house contest
by DanTreeBow, 13 April 2017 16:31
@Alex Nice :)
by Thank you lord , 13 April 2017 16:52
@Dan, yeah, people often enter unrelated piqs into contests. They basically never win though, so it doesn't make a big difference.

@Alex, can you give us an idea about how long it'll be until changes are visible and "good stuff" starts coming?
by ArtRager, 13 April 2017 16:52
I think that the Adventure Time house is gonna win. :D
by AnimeStar202, 13 April 2017 17:49
I don't know... The one with the cat is really good.
by lunageek520, 13 April 2017 19:13
i dont think your lazy! i was defending you guys! its hard comting up with a topic idea every week!

can we like list off segestions tho?
by DareWolf, 14 April 2017 04:11
O sheet 6 hours left and i didn't finish my entry X__X
by AoiUchida, 14 April 2017 17:43
Maybe if one of you guys actually did something years ago I wouldn't be complaining about the state of this site.

Instead we had to wait months, deal with spam and trolls, and basically had to witness a good community die.
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 17:52
I mean its hard not to see it that way, the mass piq email got alot of people myself included genuinely excited about the return of piqs glory days or at least a better state then it was at at its lowest point, but at this point after months of continuing to hear literally nothing peoples hope tends to snuff out, if you are actually making changes then keep the community updated about them so we at least have something to hold on to, and if your not then just let it die so we can all stop getting cock teased with nostalgia of how good this place used to be.
by Lumpkins, 14 April 2017 18:02
Who said it died? Some groups of friends have become inactive, but the community as a whole is still going.
I do find it hard to believe that the admins can't set aside any time for piq, and that they can be blamed for that, but we can still wait.
Piq isn't dead or dying. It's just sick, for who knows how long, but not dead.
Really it's just uncertain about if piq will ever be returned back to a better state or not, but the current state is pretty manageable for most.
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 18:08
Why you people being so melodramatic, good stuff is coming, and the admin are working on stuff.

Also, there is nothing currently wrong with the site, no bots, no downtimes, so stop being so whiny about things that cannot be voulentarily changed you wankers.
by Jankovic123, 14 April 2017 18:11
I think piq is just at a roadblock.
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 18:13
And for fuck sakes, will you people stop banging on and on about how good piq used to be?

The community was only about 20% bigger back then! Just because the artist you liked are gone doesn't mean this community is "Dead" whatever the fuck that means.

by Jankovic123, 14 April 2017 18:13
It died for a lot of people. It used to be filled with cool people who had great art and opinions.
Now it's filled with fandom children and douche bags who constantly argue with each other.
This site has been up for a long time and still has shitty bugs and glitches that haven't been fixed.
Its manageable, but a lot of sites are manageable.
That is, for the first couple years of its life.
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 18:13
piq isnt dead or dying, its in a coma, its in exactly the same shit state its been for the last 2 years of constant degradation reverted by a brief spark of hope that leads nowhere, its being kept alive by people who have faith that its going to one day wake up and at the same time never knowing if the plug is going to get pulled, its a tedious mismanaged mess and a shadow of what everyone fell in love with and until actual results come out its going to be hard for me to disagree with anyone saying the site is critically in limbo.
by Lumpkins, 14 April 2017 18:14
And jank, go suck a fat cock.
You basically ride the Admins dick constantly.
People can have different opinions about this site.
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 18:16
In summary I think we should all try to be patient, stop worrying about the future of the site and just concentrate on staying active, but for some people that might harder to do than some others, for any number of reasons.
Communities naturally change, sometimes for better or worse, and the admins can barely do anything to change the community (not as if they're doing nothing wrong)
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 18:17
I really have no idea if the other people in this conversation care enough about my opinion of the site enough for me to make any impact in this particular conversation but I might as well speak my opinion I guess
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 18:20
the problem is nothing is changing whatsoever, its been months since the email which looked to be "actual change" and were still in limbo, the admins havent done shit other than spoonfeed particularly inquisitive people that stuff is "getting worked on" when thats almost positively not the case, especially considering they cant be bothered to even elude to what the hell it might be. its a pipe dream
by Lumpkins, 14 April 2017 18:20
I don't see a big reason to be so worried about the future of the site. Contact piq friends outside of piq to keep friendships alive and save piqs you've already made as backups if the site ever permanently goes down.

Another thing about the community: there are still those cool people with great art and opinions. A lot of those cool people were once the fandom children you see here today.
Some of those fandom children and general immature people that are currently here will probably eventually evolve into great users.
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 18:27
im not worried, im annoyed, at this point i would almost rather see piq just die forever so we can stop worrying about it being suddenly shut down and stop being teased with its revival. like i said i just want fucking action and decisions and am sick to all hell of this comatose state that were in.
by Lumpkins, 14 April 2017 18:30
well what are they suposed to do? piqs goldent time was all becuse of all the people what are they supsoded to do? hunt people down and forse them to come back?
by DareWolf, 14 April 2017 18:32
by DareWolf, 14 April 2017 18:34
They had people coming back, flockign back in droves when the email went out, so many of the best artists i ever knew on this site returned and now look whats happened, they've all fucked back off myself included because we got baited into thinking there was going to be change only to be stuck with our dicks out waiting for months, theres only so much faux hope someone can swallow before they just want it to be over with
by Lumpkins, 14 April 2017 18:34
[this comment was deleted by ArtRager]
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 18:34
I do think there's a small chance some of the admins are planning on how to improve piq, but are preoccupied with a shitload of other stuff as well.
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 18:38
It isnt asking to much to ask for even a minor update on what the fuck there doing in 5 months since the email went out, its hard to believe there doing anything at all when they cant even give us that, feels like there literally just giving us enough drops of hope to keep traffic from being negligibly low
by Lumpkins, 14 April 2017 18:43
The chance of that is probably as much as the chance that they are genuinely working on it. I don't see a point in constantly guessing if they are doing one or the other cuz they are barely giving enough info for me to guess.
Yes, they are not telling us what they are trying to do, but the fact is that basically almost no active users have knowledge about what it would take for the team to get together to improve the site. We have no idea how hard it is for one of the admins to contact another or anything, or how hard it is to prepare for improving the site, etc.
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 18:50
You dont need to have a comprehensive idea of how to script to know that it wouldn't be hard to do something like turn the forums back on, or allow pictures back on the site, or even EVEN just giving us a damn update on the front page. They have done nothing other than say there doing stuff in out of the way comments.
by Lumpkins, 14 April 2017 18:53
Good point, but more exactly what I meant are that there could be reasons for the admins not being able to work so fast too convoluted for us to guess and perhaps too personal for them to reveal to us.
That being said, I do still think there is just as much a chance of them not working on it as them trying to work on it, and I also believe that even if the admins are genuinely working on the site, they still have some problems to blame on them.
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 19:01
more entries this time
by DOPEMAN, 14 April 2017 19:10
can somebody please summarise what people have been chatting about since I left, there have been many developments since I left, and I cant read it all.
by Jankovic123, 14 April 2017 20:27

"suck a fat cock" for sharing my opinion, you then proceed to say that people can have opinion.

Why are you acting so menstral?

I dont ride the admins dick, I have criticised mistakes they have made over and over, I can link you to the piqs where Ive done that.

Liutenant, FUCK YOU, you total hypocritical idiot.
by Jankovic123, 14 April 2017 20:31
Liutenant logic:

-Only she is allowed to have an opinion without being called a cock sucker

-Anybody who says the site is doing okay (which it is) is a admin dickrider, despite the fact that I was one of the people that initated the update in the first place

-Nobody has good art or good opinions anymore.

-Complains about cunts arguing, yet was the one who started the very argument.
by Jankovic123, 14 April 2017 20:34
I can agree that liutenant is totally pathetic, and should have no part in this conversation,
but Jankovi23 you need to stop being so angry about everybody without being provoked.
by RE_SPEK_WOK, 14 April 2017 20:38
To be fair Lieutenant stopped participating a while ago, but of course I don't know if she's going to rejoin once she gets back or what.

Janko, Lieutenant was insulting you pretty much only because you arrived insulting everyone panicking about piq dying.
Examples: "And for fuck sakes, will you people stop banging on and on about how good piq used to be? The community was only about 20% bigger back then! Just because the artist you liked are gone doesn't mean this community is "Dead" whatever the fuck that means."
Those are pretty good points, but they are ridiculously unnecessarily hostile for no goddamn reason, so of course Lieutenant responded the same way.
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 20:45
To be more specific, the way you explained those point alongside insults is unnecessarily hostile.
(sorry for extra notifications but I only just realized that I might not have been as specific as needed)
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 20:48
I hope next week contest will be better
by DOPEMAN, 14 April 2017 20:49
Same without all this arguing too
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 21:08
Janko is the only guy who ever made it an argument, though I'm guessing even if it was more civilized you wouldn't want all the notification spam
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 21:10
Ye I'm pathetic for having a different opinion

I stopped responding a while ago because I knew this was just going to turn into an ad hominem throwing match as soon as jank showed up.
Granted, I did get pissy and told him to suck a cock and I contributed, but w/e.
I still think the admins haven't done anything that warrants me to believe that the site is going to go through some huge change and we'll all be jerking to the holy glory of it.

We've been through this excitement where they came back and said something about improvement, yet had no put out.
Trust me, I want nothing more than to be wrong, I would love the admins to fucking spin 360 and make me look stupid and turn this whole site around, but that doesn't look like its gonna happen soon.
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 21:55
Excuse any typos, I'm on me phoner
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 21:56
But dont be a dick about it though.
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 22:19
I've said a few times before in this conversation (when I was pretty much only talking to Lumpkins) that I think the chance of the admins genuinely working on the site or not working at all and simply leading us on are pretty much the same, so we might as well not wonder about these factors anyways. But of course all this stuff is mostly subjective anyways.
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 22:21
Did you
Read the first paragraph
Or is me being a dick all you got from that.
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 22:21
A hour and a half till the argument slows down
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 22:23
Again, Janko is pretty much the only guy who ever made this an argument, before it was mostly a respectful discussion from how I interpreted it
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 22:25
Yes, I did. Your still being a dick about it though.
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 22:26
Not really, but okay.
You're the only here calling me a dick ATM.
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 22:32
So, someone was also earlier calling you a hypicritical idiot.
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 22:34
That was Jankovic (AKA Janko), the guy who pretty much turned this into an argument at all
by ArtRager, 14 April 2017 22:39
You seem to not want confrontation but you're bringing up insults from earlier.
I had just said in my previous statement that I left because it was going to resort in an ad hominem match and I respectfully toned down my aggressiveness.
Should I have told him to suck a cock? No, and I already stated that I shouldn't have.
I ignored his insulting comments for a reason and just decided to state my opinion on the site.
So what is your point.
by Lieutenant Disaster, 14 April 2017 22:40
The point that I was calling you a dick or my opinion?
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 22:46
gtg for possibly 2 or 1 hour
by superzombieman6301, 14 April 2017 22:48
Because of a complaint I have to come to this.

God dammit
by DanTreeBow, 14 April 2017 23:15
I've put on a "swear word" filter:

Lieutenant, you are very hypocritical: you criticise me for having an opinion, calling me a:

"Dickrider" for saying that I think the mods are doing something.

Answer me this: was that not hypocritical YES or NO. There is no option, you were in the wrong, and you left knowing full well I was right.

Art Ranger, it takes 2 to argue, so before you start blaming me for turning this into an argument, remeber that you both had the option to either ignore me, or to be rational, BUT NO: you came back with insults.

by Jankovic123, 15 April 2017 11:19


I know you "lost your cool" I dont mind that, what I mind is the blatant hypocricy, pretending you have some kind of moral highground.


Blaming me, for a fight that Lieutenant started by saying this:

"How bout a contest called 'lazy admins who are too stubborn to do anything for this site'"

Artranger, stop using me as a scapegoat, for your participation in argument, you could well have avoided if you wished.
by Jankovic123, 15 April 2017 11:22
Lieutenant only started off insulting the admins, not you. You also had the choice to simply stay out of the conversation.
I came into this conversation/argument/whatever you want to call it, simply sharing my opinion.
You could've have also started off saying something like "I believe good stuff is coming though"
Again, you often insult to an unnecessary extent.
Lieutenant explained that she simply got angry, so those insults are mostly excused now.
When Lieutenant insulted you, it was not because of your opinions, but because you were insuting her opinions for no reason.
(Sorry to everyone if this is getting rambley or something)
by ArtRager, 15 April 2017 13:18
Use of profanity does not equal starting an argument. And its kind of petty how you shift the blame on me, I thought you were better than that.
by Jankovic123, 15 April 2017 14:12
trees are cool
by LWH123, 15 April 2017 14:31
Use of profanity does not necessarily start an argument, true, but more specifically what I mean is that you insulted Lieutenant and basically everyone with the opinion that piq is dying.

I joined simply showing my opinion.
Again, you did not need to join insulting people at all.
You could've even defended the admins without turning it into an argument if you wanted, by only explaining why you thought her points against the admin were invalid with no insults (remember, I don't think it was the insults that made it an argument, but the ways you used them)

Basic timeline:
Lieutenant started off only expressing anger against the admins. One admin responded calmly and reassuringly. Some other irrelevant stuff happened, and you stated your opinion, which is fine, but you insulted Lieutenant and anyone who thinks that piq is dead, which is not fine.
Lieutenant got angry and insulted you, then left. She later said that she just "lost her cool", so that's pretty much excused.
The only reason she ever insulted you, I'm guessing, is because you insulted her, not because of your opinions, so she is not hypocritical. You are to blame for this argument.
I keep on having to repeat the same shit over and over
by ArtRager, 15 April 2017 14:51
If you were simply respectful, this would not be a (indeed simewhat petty, probably due to both of us honestly) argument, it would intead be a discussion about the future of piq.
by ArtRager, 15 April 2017 14:58
So its excusable for her to lose her cool, but not for me. Hm, okay then, see the way I see it is that all of you people think its okay to act like cunts, but when I do it its not okay because Im a scapegoat that you can blame all of your problems on this site on.

Lieutenant said that people arguing made the community die, yet she herself has contributed to that on numerous occasions.

Not only that, but there have been other users blaming me for shit, when really they were the root cause.

At times people have blamed me for attacking people, and yet I never attacked them in the first place (I can link you proof of that).

And stop acting like the wise old man, yet shifting the blame on me like a child k?
by Jankovic123, 15 April 2017 16:54
Stop with the damn constant counterarguments. We don't need this shit to go on any longer!

Sometimes the reason you are "not allowed to lose your cool" jankovic is because you NEVER LET THE FUCK UP.

You always come up with some stupid bullshit reasoning to put you back to the top spot.

And note I have seen a little conversation where you say you are going to the top, and you don't care if you hurt precious snowflakes, which basically means you take using piq as a race to be number one, and you bullshit people to boost your ego
by DanTreeBow, 15 April 2017 17:04
Go ahead, put me in the wrong. That is all you are good at
by DanTreeBow, 15 April 2017 17:09
Yeah I've been thinking one of us should make a separate piq to continue the argument (hopefully it'll eventually turn back into a debate) to stop spamming the notification boxes of people who never wanted to be in this argument, so I'll do it I guess.

Here's the link:http://piq.codeus.net/picture/420790/argue_here
by ArtRager, 15 April 2017 17:16
Dan, I know you LOVE getting involved in other people's arguments, but let me drop a bomb on you: the reason I have counter arguments, because people are using me as a scapegoat constantly (which you have proven there with your repy).

And I do let the fuck up, its just you happen to follow me around always, only making you regular little: uncalled-for butt in, when I get into beef, but ignore the times I've had good relations. Fuckwit.


Im not using the arguing space, but Im about done here, after I hear Dans retarded little reply.
by Jankovic123, 15 April 2017 17:34
And also Dan, 'the only thing Im good at is arguing', at least I can draw, which is the primary focus of the site, in case you have forgotten.
by Jankovic123, 15 April 2017 17:36
Yes I know you create great landscaping, and I don't follow you around, another thing. Most times I hate getting into the arguments

The reason I came into this was because of the endless spam. I am simply tired of this BS

And I also noticed you didn't mention the whole snowflake and jankovic is the best deal?

You cover everything I say but that.
by DanTreeBow, 15 April 2017 17:58
Also, putting people in the wrong, not arguing

There is a difference. You make yourself get the advantage by consistently talking about things that are irrelevant to the argument
(even if it were the same one, and it's time has long gone past and everyone moved on, you still bring it back to look superior in the argument)
by DanTreeBow, 15 April 2017 18:00
by lunageek520, 15 April 2017 18:03
That is a meaningless statement around jankovic
by DanTreeBow, 15 April 2017 18:05
@Dan and Luna, I was trying to solve the spam problem by making a piq for everyone to argue on (not exclusively between me and janko) but he doesn't want to apparently probably cuz he thought it was supposed to be for arguing specifically between me and Janko, I dunno. To clarify, my "argue here" piq is for anyone in this argument to comment on and continue arguing as to not spam anyone
(also this is not supposed to be me participating in the argument, just pointing this out)
by ArtRager, 15 April 2017 18:10

You HATE getting into arguments, why do you have to lie?

" And I also noticed you didn't mention the whole snowflake and jankovic is the best deal? "

I dont know what that means.If it is meaningless why did it get involved, for the spam (the spam can be ignored, by not clicking on the thing, it wont send additional message).

This argument was started by Lieutenant, but you want to blame me, because you hate me from that time I probably did something to you (I forgot what it was, but Im sure I triggered you for a reason).


Me and you are done here.
by Jankovic123, 16 April 2017 12:11
Yeah I know, that last comment wasn't really me arguing though.
At this point I don't care about the outcome of this argument and Lieutenant has stopped bothering to participate altogether so I dunno why you're really still trying.
Not gonna bother arguing in this shit if you're in it anymore
by ArtRager, 16 April 2017 12:57
I'm just going to stop too
I am bored of this now
by DanTreeBow, 16 April 2017 13:33
Yeah that's probably for the best really
by ArtRager, 16 April 2017 13:55
-Dan your a cunt, see ya next time you butt into a conversation that dowsn't regard you just to get back at me.

-Art cya bro.
by Jankovic123, 17 April 2017 09:18
holy crap, I came top 5,6 and 9th!
by DOPEMAN, 17 April 2017 11:00
14th. not bad for me.
by lunageek520, 17 April 2017 12:56
[this comment was deleted by Pixel Guardian]
by Pixel Guardian, 17 April 2017 13:33
The second time I was in seventh! XD
by Pixel Guardian, 17 April 2017 13:34
20 outta 21?! Man, I suck at this....
by KK86, 17 April 2017 13:59
Interesting, how spam is still here, but Dan seems not to mind... hm, maybe because he just likes getting involved, adn doesnt actually give a shit about the spam.
by Jankovic123, 17 April 2017 14:09
I didnt put much effort
by superzombieman6301, 17 April 2017 14:16
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lizabella2: check my e-mail much, so put it in my shoutouts you e-mailed me, if I care, i'll reply
18 March 01:56:54
lizabella2: if y'all wanna e-mail me, my school account is 23halcanabellahalcomb@kentoncityschools.org I don't
18 March 01:56:11
xwarrior1100 signed up to piq
18 March 01:45:14
Evillian: what a lovely day not to talk to friends!
18 March 01:44:35
someone drew ,
18 March 01:36:47
FurryRaver4life: Through email -Mod
17 March 23:46:58
SadFrog: We need to find their e-mail or phone number.
17 March 23:46:27
SadFrog: It is pointless. The administration does not visit the site, how will they see the feedback?
17 March 23:45:59
blademew: my cursed image catz was uploaded like an hour before the meltdown so i may have caused this
17 March 23:39:24
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