by sichiu, 17 March 2012 14:11
What is happen when Im subscribe ?
by pixelfish, 16 March 2012 12:57
You've gotten waaaaayyy more awesome since i've been away
by voodoomoocow, 12 March 2012 22:07
Thanks so much for the subscribe:))
by Kgustafso, 28 February 2012 21:32
and you as well, awesome !!!! looking foward for more :D
by miss m, 24 February 2012 11:00
Thanks BlackDragon - your art's incredible!
by sichiu, 04 February 2012 08:44
Thanks for subbing!
by BlackDragon, 04 February 2012 08:21
The first time I joined PIQ, I only used it a few times on/off.

But now that I've recently got back into using it more regularly, I'm in love with it a lot more. Plus, I'm constantly inspired by loads of talented artists on here - I thank you guys and gals, I shall try and keep up my art as best as I can! :D
by sichiu, 01 February 2012 18:12