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  • 一个活跃的社群
  • 一个茁壮成长的画廊,有着超过 25000 图像可免费使用
  • 一个友善的像素画论坛
  • 赢得每周比赛,赚取成就值
  • over 50 achievements to earn


关键词: Barbarians

  1. 1
    Forest Barbarian
    等级评分: 1907
  2. 2
    Night Savage
    等级评分: 1805
  3. 3
    等级评分: 1798


Our Piq Moderators have been selected!

Hey everyone,

the past days might have been quite exciting for some of you. It has been for me. And I'm rather pleased to see that a lot of you participated in voting for our first mods.

Before losing to much time ranting about nothing, here's the three candidates that got the job:


The poll lead me to go with two of your favourites – FurryRaver4life and Pikalink5. From the remaining four candidates I chose to select Blobofgoo since he stood out as the most mature and moderate given his past interactions on piq. Qualities that suit the tasks of a moderator quite well!

Congratulations to the three of you! And thanks to the other candidates as well that got nominated for good reasons: for being respected and well mannered citizens of the piq universe.

There's still some work to do on the platform to make it fully moderator compliant. For example, highlighting the mods avatars in the comments and forum and adding some better moderation tools but the basics are set up already such that the three mods can start their work from now on.

I'm looking forward to see the three of you in action to help piq to stay a remarkable community.



caleb7447 724 28 109340.0
Pikalink5 883 5 69561.0
Grogramn 628 4 68787.0
gummibearzrule 806 6 63741.0
ryph 460 0 62875.0
FurryRaver4life 449 5 55709.0
LordVoldemort 960 2 55128.0
GlitterDaisy 1000 7 52853.0
IvoryMalinov 206 24 52330.0
Lelouch-Lamperouge 524 2 50474.0
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GothieCake: "Alright boys, Cleanup Johnny and send him home." xDD
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