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关键词: Forms of Transportation

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    Train ride monster: mon Robie
    等级评分: 1836
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    等级评分: 1768
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    unrealistic rocket
    等级评分: 1723


Update on piq

Dear piqers,

A few months ago we said we’d make piq better than ever. While you might not have seen much of this yet, we have been working quietly in the background on keeping our promise. You deserve an update on what’s happening with piq, so here it is.

The first thing we did was to implement some rudimentary measures to decrease spam and down-time of the site. Our solutions are not perfect, but we hope you agree the site works slightly better than it did a few months ago.

We also brought contests back, and we’ve now set up a simple way to let you propose contest themes. Just use this link to submit a proposal.

Now, we’re working on a new version of the drawing app. The new version will allow you to make animated gifs, and it has a new look and feel. We are working hard to release it as an alpha version to get your feedback on it. We are making this app for you, so we think it’s only fair that you have your say on how it should be. You might not be blown away by the alpha version, but our ambition is to ultimately make piq the best online pixel maker. We can only accomplish that if you help us.

We expect to release the alpha version of the drawing app in a few weeks’ time.

Finally, we are also working on re-building the piq website from scratch. The current website is built on an outdated web framework. This makes it hard for us to develop the website further. Hence, we’ve decided to make the investment needed to re-write piq from scratch. This re-build will enable us to ship many more cool features in the near future. However, it takes time to completely re-build a website like piq from scratch, so we appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, keep pumping out those pixels!

Team piq



caleb7447 735 35 131712.0
gummibearzrule 898 6 87516.0
Grogramn 750 7 82681.0
UN1Q3 693 1 77184.0
Pikalink5 929 5 77162.0
ryph 460 0 62875.0
FurryRaver4life 470 5 61894.0
Lelouch-Lamperouge 550 2 58241.0
LordVoldemort 951 2 56574.0
IvoryMalinov 208 24 56192.0
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